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3 Fun Facts about Kyle

His parents tricked him into going skydiving

He is a certified Advanced Open Water scuba diver

He will instinctively correct people if they use ‘less’ instead of ‘fewer’ – For example, when buying groceries and the check out line says ’10 Items or Less’ it should say, ’10 Items or Fewer’

3 Fun Facts about Kai + Tia

They only knew each other for a month and a half before they started living together. (Now it’s three years later)

Kai will put hot sauce on almost anything

Tia can’t do a handstand

3 Fun Facts about Cheyanne

Her favorite food is sushi

She dreams at least 4 nights a week

She ‘never everrrrrr’ blow dries her hair

3 Fun Facts about Raye

She loves chocolate milk

She swam with dolphins in Mexico

She is left-handed

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