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3 Fun Facts about Jessica

She has been to Australia and New Zealand

She is apparently related to the guy who invented mayonnaise

She was involved in competitive gymnastics for 14 years

3 Fun Facts about Kyle

His parents tricked him into going skydiving

He is a certified Advanced Open Water scuba diver

He will instinctively correct people if they use ‘less’ instead of ‘fewer’ – For example, when buying groceries and the check out line says ’10 Items or Less’ it should say, ’10 Items or Fewer’

3 Fun Facts about Alaric

He has hiked over 100 miles in the New Mexico high desert

The farthest he has traveled is West Virginia

He has taught blacksmithing for the last three years

5 Fun Facts about Connor

He has been to the NCAA Final Four & saw Wisc beat UK in finals. Sat in VIP section with coaches & NBA players

He is left handed except when golfing

He can eat an entire Costco pumpkin pie by himself … uses a spoon to eat just the pumpkin, no crust!

He refuses to go on cruises after he was in a storm on one to Alaska and it listed 45 degrees, all the water even came out of the pool & they shut off elevators

He loves basketball facts and stats and memorizes them from high school to NBA

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