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5 Fun Facts about the Donaldson Family

On their way to Vancouver, BC Supernatural Convention a couple of years ago they accidentally drove through the X-Files filming on set … perhaps several times … ūüėČ

Brenda does not like to turn left when driving

Troy has a black belt in karate

Ashley has two fake teeth

Alyssa is the only person in the family who doesn’t need ‘full-time’ glasses

5 Fun Facts about the Pannell Family

Craig is a rocket scientist

Nickolas wants to be an astronaut

Joshua’s nickname is Big Red

Heidi loves chocolate and naps

Craig and Heidi are involved with an orphanage in India

3 Fun Facts about Jake

He enjoys being outside more than being indoors

He wants to travel the world to learn about different cultures

He will always try crazy, new food

3 Fun Facts about Chandler

His ‘go to’ food is to eat tuna straight out of the can

He loves getting up super early in the morning, no matter what time he went to bed. And, hates sleeping in

Just about every morning driving to school, he plays the Rocky theme song ‘Gonna Fly Now’ to get hyped up for the day