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Itsy bitsy baby toes and fingers are my favorite. This is sweet baby Edith. She was welcomed in to a family that already loves her so much. Her session included holding daddy’s hand, snuggling in close to mommy and story time with big sister, Gwen.

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While this little baby was growing, I only knew her as lambchops. Once it was reveled that she was going to be a girl, she got a better name … Saylor .. Such a sweet, sweet baby she is. Her mama had some very cool props to use during her newborn session and Saylor was happy to be a part of any ideas we tried. Even Duke, her protector got to be in a few images. He wasn’t too sure about being photographed, but was happy to be close to his new little family member.

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Meet baby Scott – 6 days new. He was wide awake and so animated during his whole 4 hour newborn session. He did not want to sleep and wanted to stay up with us big kids and play. We were OK with it because it made for some great images. What a precious little ‘monster’ as his mommy and daddy call him.

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Welcome little baby Charlie! It seems like just yesterday I was doing JoJo’s newborn photos and she’s now THREE!! Little Charlie was just as tiny and precious and adorable and looks exactly like her big sister did when she was born. I photographed this little family when the weather was warm and flowers were in bloom. The first image is of JoJo in a chair from the early 1900’s.

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