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Treanna is almost a black belt and that is pretty clear in the first couple images. She was definitely impressive with her levitation skills. We spent another day wandering through a park with Treanna all glammed up and personal suitcase in tow!

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The cold doesn’t stop Hudson. He laughed and ran throughout our whole session. OK with me, because these beautiful images were captured. Be sure to find us on 8R6A0440 8R6A0461 8R6A0481 8R6A9684 8R6A9709 8R6A9790 8R6A9842 8R6A9851

Can you believe this little guy is already one? We shot this session in the middle of November. What a beautiful day. The light was shining bright and I got my exercise for the day chasing Hudson around. I just love watching him grow and look back at old images to see how much he has changed.

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Gwen is one of those babies that when you see her you literally gasp because she is so beautiful. And tiny!! She has the biggest eyes and just the sweetest personality. She was so tired during this session. Her mamma texted me a picture of her sleeping in the back of the car before they even pulled out of the parking lot when they left. Such a great sport she was.

Here is Gwen when she was just born … And here is when she was a work in progress!  🙂

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