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Here is another batch from a recent sporting event we had. If you or your school is interested in having a sporting event at JW Photography (which includes a FREE photo-button for each participant), please contact us. Contact information can be found on our website at

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We photographed some football players from MHS to try out a new photography technique. We really like the results and hope you do too. Remember to find us on Facebook to stay caught up with all our studio updates. Let us know what YOU think!

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Nicole is one of the Zumba instructors at ECAC. She is so high-energy and is so fun to watch + also dance with at zumba. I joke that I am about as sexy as a bendy flex-straw at Zumba, but Nicole definitely knows how to shake it. And, she has already lost 70 pounds doing zumba. What an accomplishment! Come and join her for a class at ECAC on Tuesday + Thursday nights.

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Yesterday we had a couple classes from the Monroe High School come out to the studio for a field trip. It was so much fun teaching the students about light drawing / painting. They were all very involved and tried out different lights and took turns being models. Even the Vice Principal was willing to pose for us in his best ‘street fighter’ pose. (Below)

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