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5 Fun Facts about the Donaldson Family

On their way to Vancouver, BC Supernatural Convention a couple of years ago they accidentally drove through the X-Files filming on set … perhaps several times … 😉

Brenda does not like to turn left when driving

Troy has a black belt in karate

Ashley has two fake teeth

Alyssa is the only person in the family who doesn’t need ‘full-time’ glasses

3 Fun Facts about Josh

He has to keep all of his stuff as clean as possible

He hates driving alone

He has a bouncy house

3 Fun Facts about Rory

He went to state for wrestling

He was in 4-H for quads and motorcycles

His favorite color is red

Photographing the Vasquez family consisted of four dogs, two goats, some chickens, a horse, two humans AND their cousin (who is also human, for the record). During the consultation, I was informed the goal was to get a family photo with all four dogs in the picture. The catch, two of the dogs don’t get along. At. All. So, they couldn’t even be outside with each other. I was up for the challenge and we came out with a beautiful image that is showcased in their new canvas collection. See below pictures of their canvas collection and 2015 holiday cards!

Vasquez Blog

While this little baby was growing, I only knew her as lambchops. Once it was reveled that she was going to be a girl, she got a better name … Saylor .. Such a sweet, sweet baby she is. Her mama had some very cool props to use during her newborn session and Saylor was happy to be a part of any ideas we tried. Even Duke, her protector got to be in a few images. He wasn’t too sure about being photographed, but was happy to be close to his new little family member.

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