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A trip home wouldn’t be complete without updated photos of my nieces and nephews. They are always so perfect for every session we photograph. I had not one complaint from any of them. The mosquitos were terrible and Samantha even had a fever. What great kids! For your viewing pleasure, I would like to introduce, Samantha (10), Ethan (9), Race (8) and Skylar (1). I even managed a few great shots of Kansas (friend of the family), who will soon be a big sister!

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I just spent 5 incredible days with these little dudes. Ethan (who is 9) and Race (who will be 8 in November), came to Washington with Grandma to spend a long weekend with me. Before they left, I had to take some photos of them since it will probably be another year before I see them again. Enjoy these cute faces!

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