3 Fun Facts about Holland

She has the cutest cat in the world

Stitch, from the movie Lilo & Stitch, is her spirit animal

She wants a finger monkey

3 Fun Facts about Josh

He has to keep all of his stuff as clean as possible

He hates driving alone

He has a bouncy house

3 Fun Facts about Rory

He went to state for wrestling

He was in 4-H for quads and motorcycles

His favorite color is red

3 Fun Facts about Alexa

She has a younger brother that is 16 years younger than her

She has traveled to Canada to see a Justin Bieber concert

She was in commercials and magazines as a kid

3 Fun Facts about Steven

He eats eggs everyday and he also eats them with peanut butter on them

The farthest place he has been is Florida

The farthest he has traveled to play soccer is Houston, Texas