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This family purchased my auction donation to MHS Bearcat Football – supporting your community is important + bidding on an auction donation is a great way to be able to do that AND be photographed by JW Photography!

Early morning sessions seem to be a trend right now (according to my blog posts). This was no exception. I was wondering a bit how two young boys would react to meeting me for a 7 AM photoshoot. Well, I quickly found out when it involved throwing a football, baseball and batting and catching, it would make no difference. These boys were so fun and it was clear sports are a big part of their life. Mom commented how she could see both of them as high school seniors sitting on that same bench on the MHS field. I can imagine how much more grown up they will look. Enjoy the rest of your baseball season, boys!Campbell Boys Blog 1 Campbell Boys Blog 2 Campbell Boys Blog 3 Campbell Boys Blog 4 Campbell Boys Blog 5 Campbell Boys Blog 6

This family is so much fun! These parents definitely have their hands full with four boys, but after photographing them, I can tell they wouldn’t trade it for any other way. We had an early morning sunrise session and everyone was in good spirits. It didn’t take long for everyone to ‘wake up’ and be silly for the video / photographs. Thank you Forman family, for making my job easy! 🙂
Forman Family Blog 1 Forman Family Blog 2 Forman Family Blog 3 Forman Family Blog 4 Forman Family Blog 5 Forman Family Blog 6 Forman Family Blog 7 Forman Family Blog 8 Forman Family Blog 9Pictured is canvas collection installed in their living room.Photo Jul 13, 7 32 39 PM