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Photographing the Vasquez family consisted of four dogs, two goats, some chickens, a horse, two humans AND their cousin (who is also human, for the record). During the consultation, I was informed the goal was to get a family photo with all four dogs in the picture. The catch, two of the dogs don’t get along. At. All. So, they couldn’t even be outside with each other. I was up for the challenge and we came out with a beautiful image that is showcased in their new canvas collection. See below pictures of their canvas collection and 2015 holiday cards!

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Scotty – what a fun little kid this is!! He turned one in 2015 and came to the studio in his ‘big boy’ clothes. He ate a little cake and played with me and his dog, Sully. Chasing him around the studio was hilarious (probably more so for him, than his mom and me). He has had a big personality ever since he was born. I remember him cracking us up during his newborn session with all of his silly expressions. He is always so much fun to photograph.
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I can’t believe how long it has been since I blogged. It’s time to show you what we did in 2015 and to start off the blogging, let’s start at the very … end … This was the last family session shot in 2015 and it was a great way to end the year. This series of images is proof that winter sessions can be just as fun and picturesque as any other season. A little bit of climbing, exploring and sloppy doggie kisses is all you need for a successful session.   🙂Brewer Family 1 Brewer Family 2 Brewer Family 4 Brewer Family 5 Brewer Family 3 Brewer Family 6