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While this little baby was growing, I only knew her as lambchops. Once it was reveled that she was going to be a girl, she got a better name … Saylor .. Such a sweet, sweet baby she is. Her mama had some very cool props to use during her newborn session and Saylor was happy to be a part of any ideas we tried. Even Duke, her protector got to be in a few images. He wasn’t too sure about being photographed, but was happy to be close to his new little family member.

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Anna contacted me letting me know she expected baby number 2! Of course I was excited to go out and capture her second baby bump and this time we had 3-year old Gwen along, too. She was not lacking in entertainment and kept me on my feet and laughing the whole time. Check back in January to see photos of Gwen’s new little sister.

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