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My camera sure loves this family. I have spent so much time at their house in the last couple years, I should probably just have a room there. Be sure to check back to see an image of their brand new canvas collection after it’s installed in their home. For now, enjoy their fun family images and be reminded back to times of sun, warmth and flowers.

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Marina’s session was perfect. I know sometimes that is overused by photographers when detailing a session, but really, this session was perfect. I think we had about 2 weeks of straight rain and then it opened up to bright sunny skies just for Marnie’s session and then rained for about another 2 weeks. I’m trying to convince Marnie to spend a little more time in front of the camera, and you should too!

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Treanna is almost a black belt and that is pretty clear in the first couple images. She was definitely impressive with her levitation skills. We spent another day wandering through a park with Treanna all glammed up and personal suitcase in tow!

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I got one extra weekend of summer this year! I headed to Chelan to photograph Joel + Kim get married. It was hot and beautiful and low key and perfect. They even humored me at the end and ‘rowed’ out in to the water in a boat with a hole in it. They both were great sports and laughed as it filled up with water and Joel attempted to move them around the lake gondola-style. Below are just a few highlights from their special day.

Congratulations Mr + Mrs Clark!clark01 clark02 clark03 clark04 clark05 clark06 clark07 clark08