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Our football event at the studio was a success! Here are some of the guys who showed up! The senior banners will be posted later. Be sure to go out and support your local football teams! You can find these on 8R6A2249 8R6A2251 8R6A2256 8R6A2271 8R6A2275 8R6A2277 8R6A2283 8R6A2287 8R6A2296 AustinSheltz27_Button_CompA CarterHabich20_Dogtag_CompA DillonFargo45_Button_CompA KeithStapleton80_Button_CompA

Patricia’s session had everything! Fields, a waterfall, an old car, sunflowers, ivy + a tire swing. We had fun playing all night. Sessions like that are the best because they don’t even feel like work.

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7 people, 2 dogs and 3 horses is what I can count off the top of my head during Ciara’s senior session. That meant more assistants for me and a ┬ásession filled with laughter. This session was so much fun, there was beautiful light everywhere and Ciara is definitely not shy when it comes to the camera. What do you think?

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