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We finally get to show you Grace’s images, now that she is back from her month-long trip to California. We also have them posted to our 8R6A5180 8R6A5183 8R6A5186 8R6A5196 8R6A5208 8R6A5212 8R6A5240 8R6A5243 8R6A5268 8R6A5297 8R6A5344 8R6A5348 8R6A5350 8R6A5371 8R6A5399 8R6A5420 8R6A5434 8R6A5439 8R6A5457 8R6A5459

It’s been HOT HOT HOT here the last week. 80 plus degrees and Riston threw on a letterman’s jacket for his senior portraits without the slightest complaint. Who better to kick off our 2015 graduating class? Remember, there is still time to ask Riston how to save $$ on your upcoming senior session!

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Jorge was our last senior from the 2014 graduating year. What a way to end the class of 2014. A cool location and an extra-cool dude.

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