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I was back in chilly North Dakota for Thanksgiving weekend — which of course means updated photos for these cuties. My nieces Samantha (age 10) and Skylar (age 1) … I love watching the progression of each of them throughout the years. Check us out on 8R6A0005_5x7 8R6A0026_5x7 8R6A0037_5x7 8R6A0042_5x7 8R6A0043_5x7 8R6A0049_5x7 8R6A0055_5x7 8R6A0075_5x7 8R6A0077bw_5x7 8R6A0082_5x7 8R6A0109_5x7 8R6A0139_5x7 8R6A0148_5x7 8R6A0169bw_5x7 8R6A0179_5x7 8R6A0190_5x7 8R6A0193_5x7 8R6A0199_5x7 8R6A0210_5x7 8R6A9885_5x7 8R6A9888_5x7 8R6A9895_5x7 8R6A9899_5x7 8R6A9904_5x7 8R6A9910_5x7 8R6A9928_5x7 8R6A9947_5x7 8R6A9956_5x7 8R6A9973_5x7 8R6A9980_5x7

The cold doesn’t stop Hudson. He laughed and ran throughout our whole session. OK with me, because these beautiful images were captured. Be sure to find us on 8R6A0440 8R6A0461 8R6A0481 8R6A9684 8R6A9709 8R6A9790 8R6A9842 8R6A9851