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Why yes, that is a bee buzzing by Tristina’s face. No bees or faces were harmed during this 2 part session. Sun, rain, flowers, urban + insects … Tristina handled it all like a pro.

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Meet Kyler. You probably have seen this face before doing dangerous stunts for Brad Pitt … From movie star to track star  – this guy can do it all!  😉  Be sure to head over to our Facebook page and let Kyler know YOUR favorites from his session.
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These beautiful fall colors seem like so long ago with all the rain we have been having lately. Tyler, one of the last seniors I photographed, also got one of the nicest fall days. Lucky us! He was a fun guy to photograph and literally did anything I asked. (There may or may not have been some ballerina spins on a rock).

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Chantelle’s session smelled like Starbucks (which was weird considering we were outside). We had beautiful fall colors, perfect light, and this gorgeous, smiley girl! Be sure to find us on 8R6A2652 8R6A2664 8R6A9003 8R6A9056 8R6A9070 8R6A9130 8R6A9183 8R6A9214 8R6A9238 IMG_8945 IMG_8956