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Nathan teased me during his view and choose about what I write in my blog posts. My defense only is that I am not a copy-writer. In fact, I am a horrendous writer. So, what I have to say about Nathan is ….    ummmm ……   yeahhh ….. ‘this’ guy!   Check it out – leave us some love below or find us on 8R6A6860 8R6A6881 8R6A6890 8R6A6914bw 8R6A6930 8R6A6968 8R6A6973 8R6A7032 8R6A7064 8R6A7070 8R6A7073 8R6A7078 8R6A7082 8R6A7089 8R6A7117 8R6A7119 8R6A7164 8R6A7412 8R6A7415 8R6A7421 8R6A7444 8R6A7459 8R6A7469 8R6A7482

Kosuke is a senior at Glacier Peak. We photographed his senior portraits at his home. We had a great time and his cat was even up for some photos and gave us all some good laughs. Be sure to check us out on Facebook and let us know YOUR favorites. Or, just leave a comment below!

8R6A0800 8R6A0861 8R6A0896 8R6A0920 8R6A0925 8R6A0956 8R6A0964 8R6A0991

Shane is a senior at SHS. He made me leave their View + Choose $20 poorer. I told him 20 bucks if his images were so good they made his mom cry during the View + Choose. I honestly thought I would win that bet and get a good laugh from him. Well, I did get the laugh, but I also got the tears – needless to say, I am not a gambler.

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Maddie is another senior model from MHS. Her session was spent on Alki and we lucked out with a gorgeous day. We found some cool spots with lots of color and were able to shoot a little with the city, too. Be sure to find us on 8R6A1556 8R6A1617 8R6A1628 8R6A1712 8R6A1735 8R6A1752 8R6A1763 8R6A1776 8R6A1789 8R6A1792 8R6A1800 8R6A1821 8R6A1858 8R6A1886 8R6A1932