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I was home again in August for my yearly trip back. Once again, I spent a good amount of time photographing these kids. They were such GREAT sports this year. Ethan has even been interested in photography himself and helped taking some great shots with his own camera. All of the kids helped with their own poses, and these are just a few of the many, many, many, MANY images we took. It’s so fun to see them grow and now we welcome baby Skylar to the bunch. You can see our newest addition (and my sweet baby niece) here.

Meet Jazmin .. She is one of the most fun-filled, happy-go-lucky seniors I have met. She wants to be a journalist after she graduates. Her session was on a perfect day at the end of September and we even both ended up knee-deep in the lake which was surprisingly warm.

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The only thing Damir wanted specifically for his senior portraits was a shot of the Seattle skyline. We met down at Alki and got some great images of the skyline and found a couple other cool spots too. Been loving this weather. It would usually be hard to get a decent shot of the skyline with all the clouds we typically have, but the weather worked in our favor.

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