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One thing I look forward to every week is bowling. I do believe that is the only time / place that high fives and air pumps are socially acceptable. And, let me tell you, I LOVE IT! The bowling alley is where I met Rick + Theresa. They are on my league, so I’ve gotten to know a little about them over the last couple seasons. They are such fun-loving people and that always just makes you have a continuous smile on your face. This session was no exception. The first day we tried to shoot, it was beautiful out. Once I pulled the camera out to begin, in rolled the STORM clouds. We don’t hear a lot of thunder in this area, but we definitely were not finishing our session that day.

Fast forward to day 2. Beautiful weather again. Happy people. Lots of laughing and hanging out. Love those kinds of sessions. Thanks Rick + Theresa. See you in the fall.

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We were fortunate enough to photograph the Manthey family in-studio AND on location at the canola field before it was mowed down to dirt. What a happy family. It was so nice to spend the day with them and create some beautiful images.

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I can’t believe little JoJo is already ONE! Here’s a flash-back to her 6 month session. Seems like we did that just yesterday. Another great session. But, how could you NOT get one with this little lovey?

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It’s so hard to believe this sweet little baby, Hudson, is already 6 months old. It seemed like we were just oohing and ahhing over how tiny and precious he was. Now, he is a big ball of energy and ready to play. He is such a smiley and happy baby.

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