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April 20, 2012. I woke up verrrrryyyy nervous as it was not only raining, it was a down-pour, windy, walk with your hood pulled down over your face kind of day. Adam & Amanda, from Adam Hommerding Photography, were here visiting from Minnesota and we ventured to shoot Ben + Kayla’s wedding with fingers crossed. We met them at Monroe River Valley Farm (The Slaughter House).

As soon as we arrived and unpacked, the clouds opened and the sun came out bright and shining. It was perfect. They had an intimate ceremony with no more than a handful of close guests. It was beautiful. My associate photographers admitted later to crying during the ceremony. (I have bad hearing and couldn’t hear pretty much anything).    🙂    Ben + Kayla are probably THE most sincere and in-love couple I have been around in a long time. It was amazing to be around them and also to be able to be the one to photograph their special day.

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 Special ‘Thank-you’ and photo credit (to some above images) to my incredibly talented, amazing & dear friends Amanda & Adam!

Hannah is our senior rep for Monroe High school. And, to make things even cooler – she is the TWIN to Nathan (posted below) … She is super cute and we hit  few different locations for Hannah to work the camera – which does does with no problem at all. 🙂  Be sure to ask Hannah how you can save $25 on your senior session.

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Nathan is our senior model from Monroe High School .. He was such a good sport and was willing to tromp through muddy ‘fields’ filled with scratchy scotch broom and mud. Great shots were the result! Be sure to ask Nathan how to save $25 on your senior session.

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Maria contacted me recently and said she was asked to be interviewed for Fitness Magazine’s blog! How cool is that? They wanted to do a feature on how she trains and stays fit for riding. She came out to the studio and we did another round of photos – this time focusing on her strength and muscle tone. Looking forward to seeing the article posted. (Hopefully by tomorrow – Monday, May 21st)…

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Big thanks to Mike, from Varouhas Deisgn for assisting on this shoot and creating that cool promo video above.