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Megan is super cool, sweet & fashionable. She cracks me up every time I see her. It’s good she has this humor. We have came a long way since her first session where I had her put her hand in dog poo.  😮    We had a great time photographing in and around the studio, with her car, her puppies and her mom! Thanks Megan, for coming out here for your senior portraits. Good luck with the rest of your senior year!

Hannah and I met in downtown Snohomish. It was BEAUTIFUL weather. It has been great this past month and a half! I realized a lot of the questions I asked her consisted of, “are you allergic to bees?” – “do you think that is poison ivy?” – and then of course me balancing my ladder in a lot of unrealistic positions! Ha. Hannah was a good sport and did anything I asked no matter what the consequences she might have had later. She was great fun. Thanks Hannah – and don’t be a stranger!  🙂

Fall is here … Kind of … Temperatures are still in the 80’s and I’m lovin’ it! But, soon we will have the changing of leaves and cooler weather and I’m OK with that too! Kids are back in school, we gain an hour (woo hoo), and get to start wearing our jackets and scarves. What a great time to schedule in a photo session for your dog (or other pet).

JW Photography is hosting a $75 ‘mini-session’ event with $30 of every session fee being donated to