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This newly-wed couple is currently sitting on a beach in Hawaii, probably looking at all these pictures from their phone and sipping mai tais. I have to take just a second to be jealous after all these rainy days…. 🙂

Ted & Maria couldn’t have lucked out for a better day if they had hoped. After almost 2 straight weeks of rain, the sun came out for the entire day of the wedding. Sure enough, Sunday was back to rain. This couple was so easy to work with and photograph. They are such positive and laid back people that the entire day was so much fun. I don’t think I saw one stressed out person the ENTIRE day … They both come from loving families and have such a great future ahead of them.

Thanks so much Ted & Maria for letting me be a part of capturing your special day. Please bring back some of that sun with you!

Here are a couple of our senior reps from Glacier Peak High School. Meet Felicia & Hannah. You probably have seen their faces before at JW Photography when they came in for their best friends session. Now, they are representing the face of JW Photography for their school. These girls are a BLAST to work with. They make me laugh the whole time and I LOVE their edgy style. Look forward to shooting their senior sessions.

I got to meet Megan for the first time this weekend. It was a meeting I was excited about for a couple different reasons. 1. Megan is a senior from a school I’ve never photographed for and an hour and half from my studio. I was honored that she chose to come here. Secondly, she is the sister of my soon to be brother-in-law. No pressure there, right?

Megan and her mom met me at Gasworks Park. That is such a cool place to be and you can get a pretty cool view of the city from there. Anyway, the day was BEAUTIFUL. Megan was a JOY to photograph. She really shines in front of the camera. I am hoping she had as much fun as I did. (Even though I did make her sit and stick her hand in a pile of poo — so much for first impressions, huh?)   🙂

Thanks again Megan. I look forward to seeing you throughout the year!

Here is a shot of Megan with her mom. Aren’t they BEAUTIFUL?