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Erin was such an awesome senior to photograph. She brought her mom and her boyfriend to be assistants. Well, I think she brought them for her, but they definitely did a great job at assisting, too. We braved the wind and came up with some great images of Erin. I just love all the color.

And, Erin was the first official session IN-STUDIO! And, she rocked it! (As you can see below) … Thanks Erin! Enjoy the photos everyone!!

Aiko was so much fun to photograph. She is a great photographer herself and seems to have photographed a lot of her highschool classmates. Her session took place on a bright sunny day and was up to try anything I suggested. I asked her if we could climb up a 14 foot ladder and get on top of a roof. She was game, but sadly, we could not find any access on the side of the building. We still continued shooting and got some great images. This girl is stylish, fun and her personality really shines! She dropped off some super sweet chairs she picked up on the side of the road at the studio today, so be looking out for those in upcoming images. For now, enjoy the photos!