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Ok… Let me clarify … I am not a wedding photographer, but I have a couple great photographers that I love assisting and when the opportunity arises, I usually can’t pass it up. This weekend was no exception. I helped Theresa with Portraits by Theresa with a wedding in Issaquah … The reception was at the Pickering Barn. What an amazing venue for a wedding .. I loved shooting there.

This was one of those rare weddings where the couple decided to not see each other until the actual ceremony. Her father also, decided not to see her until the ceremony. What an emotional result that was! Because of this, I got to hang out with the guys for most of the morning. Below are a few shots we took while we waited our turn to head over to the Pickering Barn. The weather was beautiful. The bride was gorgeous. The day was filled with smiles, hugs and laughter.

Congratulations to Mr & Mrs VanderWil!

Doug looked so happy the first time he saw Sara at the wedding ... He mouthed the words "Oh my God" and couldn't stop smiling ...

I just couldn't not post this shot of this little guy ... He is just too adorable!

The Slaughter House Lounge is officially open for business. This is such a great location and like I have mentioned before, one of my favorite places for sessions. This place is a Farmer’s Market on the weekends, sells award winning pepper jelly, Paula’s “Wine Knot” (a wine tasting bar) and now The Slaughter House Lounge. If you are looking for great drinks and live music, this is definitely the place to be.

I was able to photograph a dinner put on by Jim from Nana Carmela’s and featured music by many different live performers. The atmosphere was perfect with candle-lit dinner followed by singing, dancing and laughter. Here are a few images from the night.

On Memorial Day this year was the first 2010 IO Awards. What a great event it turned out to be. Amazing musicians and amazing jazz music was recognized and heard at Benaroya Hall. Here is a photo of the 3 responsible for putting on the event – Richelle, David & Farah. Please view more images from the IO Awards at my Facebook Fanpage! And visit LUCID in the U-District for a relaxing night with great jazz music.

Remember this awesome maternity session? Well, baby Jack is finally here! I went to their home in Kenmore to photograph Jack in the first week of his life … He was such a great sport and made us laugh the whole time … Usually it takes awhile for babies to sleep enough for me to pose them how I want them, but he slept right through it! Just woke up for some funny shots at the end. What a sweet little baby boy!

I just love this one ... "Yo! I'm a carrot."