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3 Fun Facts about Kai + Tia

They only knew each other for a month and a half before they started living together. (Now it’s three years later)

Kai will put hot sauce on almost anything

Tia can’t do a handstand

4 Fun Facts about Kimiela (Booch)

Ela walked at 7 months, 3 weeks

She recently told her mom she isn’t a girl, she’s ET

Kimiela Kalalau (her given name) means: traveling butterfly

Her nickname is ‘Booch’

3 Fun Facts about Nahiku (Durrell)

Nahiku means: bright, little star

She was born with bright red hair and then it all fell out

She just got her first tooth. Her top canine, so she is a little vampire baby! 🙂

I nicknamed her ‘Daryl’ (pronounced like ‘durrell’) because I misheard a nickname her Grandma gave her

3 Fun Facts about the McBride Family

They have 30+ sugar gliders

When asked what their family was like, Mom (Dee), replied ‘We’re all a bunch of freaks!’

Each and every family member has the perfect amount of humor + sarcasm (a great combination)

This family is so much fun! These parents definitely have their hands full with four boys, but after photographing them, I can tell they wouldn’t trade it for any other way. We had an early morning sunrise session and everyone was in good spirits. It didn’t take long for everyone to ‘wake up’ and be silly for the video / photographs. Thank you Forman family, for making my job easy! 🙂
Forman Family Blog 1 Forman Family Blog 2 Forman Family Blog 3 Forman Family Blog 4 Forman Family Blog 5 Forman Family Blog 6 Forman Family Blog 7 Forman Family Blog 8 Forman Family Blog 9Pictured is canvas collection installed in their living room.Photo Jul 13, 7 32 39 PM