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I had the pleasure of photographing this beauty in Seattle at one of my favorite hotels. She carried herself with confidence and every image was stunning. Please enjoy and remember to find us on Facebook and let us know what YOU think!

This newly-wed couple is currently sitting on a beach in Hawaii, probably looking at all these pictures from their phone and sipping mai tais. I have to take just a second to be jealous after all these rainy days…. 🙂

Ted & Maria couldn’t have lucked out for a better day if they had hoped. After almost 2 straight weeks of rain, the sun came out for the entire day of the wedding. Sure enough, Sunday was back to rain. This couple was so easy to work with and photograph. They are such positive and laid back people that the entire day was so much fun. I don’t think I saw one stressed out person the ENTIRE day … They both come from loving families and have such a great future ahead of them.

Thanks so much Ted & Maria for letting me be a part of capturing your special day. Please bring back some of that sun with you!

Ashlee did a boudoir session as a wedding gift. She was radiant + beautiful and is willing to share some of the photos on our site. All I can say is her husband must have been a very happy man opening this wedding present. 🙂

Be sure to find us on Facebook and let Ashlee know which are YOUR favorite!


So this is a new type of photography offered. It’s very tasteful, beautiful and fun! Please email to get the password for the full boudoir gallery on the website.