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Fall is here … Kind of … Temperatures are still in the 80’s and I’m lovin’ it! But, soon we will have the changing of leaves and cooler weather and I’m OK with that too! Kids are back in school, we gain an hour (woo hoo), and get to start wearing our jackets and scarves. What a great time to schedule in a photo session for your dog (or other pet).

JW Photography is hosting a $75 ‘mini-session’ event with $30 of every session fee being donated to


I can honestly say these are probably the most well-behaved dogs I have EVER met. I had all 5 of them in the studio along with their “Grandma” Cheryl. Thinking about having FIVE dogs in a confined space kinda freaked me out, but these dogs acted better than most children. 😉 Although one was really gassy, we came up with some GREAT images.

I’m off to a 2 week vacation now. Look for upcoming details when I return about our charity pet event. This will not be limited to just dogs. Enjoy these puppy dog faces!

** Meet Prada **

** Meet Gsxr **

** Meet Lucy **

** Meet Rexy **

** Meet Cocoa **


Here is Lilly … She is another model for our upcoming pet charity event. Look at that cute little face. Her wrinkles and little rolls are just the CUTEST THING EVER, aren’t they?!?! I’m so excited to be working with all different breeds of dogs. Here are a few different “views” of Lilly. Please enjoy and watch for information about our upcoming event.

You will be seeing a lot of puppies here at JW Photography. Soon we will be putting on a great charity event for dogs. What a great reason to bring your pet in to get photographed. Support a great cause and also get some updated images (or maybe the first) of your dog! Here are a couple of models from Greystone – located right next door to JW Photography … Notice the very camera shy pup!    🙂