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4 Fun Facts about Kimiela (Booch)

Ela walked at 7 months, 3 weeks

She recently told her mom she isn’t a girl, she’s ET

Kimiela Kalalau (her given name) means: traveling butterfly

Her nickname is ‘Booch’

3 Fun Facts about Nahiku (Durrell)

Nahiku means: bright, little star

She was born with bright red hair and then it all fell out

She just got her first tooth. Her top canine, so she is a little vampire baby! 🙂

I nicknamed her ‘Daryl’ (pronounced like ‘durrell’) because I misheard a nickname her Grandma gave her

This family purchased my auction donation to MHS Bearcat Football – supporting your community is important + bidding on an auction donation is a great way to be able to do that AND be photographed by JW Photography!

Early morning sessions seem to be a trend right now (according to my blog posts). This was no exception. I was wondering a bit how two young boys would react to meeting me for a 7 AM photoshoot. Well, I quickly found out when it involved throwing a football, baseball and batting and catching, it would make no difference. These boys were so fun and it was clear sports are a big part of their life. Mom commented how she could see both of them as high school seniors sitting on that same bench on the MHS field. I can imagine how much more grown up they will look. Enjoy the rest of your baseball season, boys!Campbell Boys Blog 1 Campbell Boys Blog 2 Campbell Boys Blog 3 Campbell Boys Blog 4 Campbell Boys Blog 5 Campbell Boys Blog 6

Scotty – what a fun little kid this is!! He turned one in 2015 and came to the studio in his ‘big boy’ clothes. He ate a little cake and played with me and his dog, Sully. Chasing him around the studio was hilarious (probably more so for him, than his mom and me). He has had a big personality ever since he was born. I remember him cracking us up during his newborn session with all of his silly expressions. He is always so much fun to photograph.
Scotty Blog 1 Scotty Blog 2 Scotty Blog 3 Scotty Blog 4 Scotty Blog 5 Scotty Blog 6 Scotty Blog 7

I can’t believe how long it has been since I blogged. It’s time to show you what we did in 2015 and to start off the blogging, let’s start at the very … end … This was the last family session shot in 2015 and it was a great way to end the year. This series of images is proof that winter sessions can be just as fun and picturesque as any other season. A little bit of climbing, exploring and sloppy doggie kisses is all you need for a successful session.   🙂Brewer Family 1 Brewer Family 2 Brewer Family 4 Brewer Family 5 Brewer Family 3 Brewer Family 6